The Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board

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In August of 2011 the Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board agreed to become the local sponsor of this project. In doing so the first step in moving the project forward was to apply for a drain permit with the North Dakota State Water Commission. Before the drain permit can be approved testing along the proposed route needed to be completed to ensure that the route chosen is suitable for an open channel. In order to do the soil testing the joint Board needed to gain permission from the affected landowners. In discussions that followed three of the landowners along the proposed route decided that they were not in favor of the project going through their property and denied the Joint Board & the State Water Commission access to do the necessary testing.

In December 2011 the Joint Board went to District Court to gain a “Right of Entry” from the landowners opposed to the project. In January 2012 the Joint Board was granted a “Right of Entry” by the courts and was cleared to do the necessary testing. The testing has been completed and below is the reports that were presented to the Joint Board.

Current status of the project: We, along with the ND State Water Commission are currently analyzing the data compiled from the testing that was done to determine what the best course of action should be taken. The choices that are being considered are: 1) The test results support going ahead with the project as designed and we proceed. 2) The test results indicate some problems with current design so some modifications need to be made in order to proceed with the project. 3) The test results indicate the route will not support the project and we have to go back and select one of the other alternative routes.

Project Overview PowerPoint

Soils Drilling Report

Geotechnical Report

Wetland Delineation Report




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